dll - DLL loading

The dll module is not intended for consumers of your specific application or library. It is a helper module for loading the 3rd party libraries used by your project itself.

class dll.DLL(libinfo : string, libnames : string or dict[, path=None])

A simple wrapper class for loading shared libraries through ctypes.

The libinfo argument is a descriptive name of the library, that is recommended to be platform neutral, since it is shown to the user on errors. libnames can be a list of shared library names or a dictionary consisting of platform->library name mappings. path is the explicit library path to be used, if any. path acts as the first location to be used for loading the library, before the standard mechanisms of ctypes will be used


Gets the filename of the loaded library.

bind_function(funcname : string[, args=None[, returns=None[, optfunc=None]]]) → function

Tries to resolve the passed function name and, if found, binds the list of args, to its argtypes and the returns value to its restype. If the function is not found, optfunc will be used instead, without the assignment of args and returns.